The Cuisinart ICE-21 is currently ranked as one of the best ice cream makers on the market, integrating many features that make it efficient, easy to use and clean. With a mixing paddle that aerates ingredients to prevent the formation of ice crystals, this unit can deliver delicious desserts every time, making the process simpler and definitely more...

$44.57 as at 10:38 UTC. (Details)


The Cuisinart ICE-30BC is another high-quality ice cream maker produced by Cuisinart, featuring not only a mixing arm, a double-insulated freezer bowl and a lockable lid, but also the company’s proprietary ingredient spout, which will enable you to successfully add ingredients like nuts and chips to the mix without interrupting the freezing process. With...

$89.00 as at 10:38 UTC. (Details)


The Cuisinart ICE-100 is one of their higher end models and it is ideal for those who want to make a lot of ice cream. This model features its own compressor so you do not have to pre-freeze the bowl before using. You can make batch after batch of delicious goodness with no wait time. Featuring two efficient mixing paddles that will successfully mix and...

$194.99 as at 23:43 UTC. (Details)

Best Ice Cream Maker Reviews of 2017

There are very few things better in life than ice cream. For those wanting to know how to make homemade ice cream the most important ingredient is having a capable ice cream maker. Not only is it convenient to be able to make a delightful, frosty dessert whenever you get a craving, but it is something that can be enjoyed by the entire family. Anyone with even the smallest sweet tooth is sure to get a lot of satisfaction from any of the models on our list.

What should you look for to find the perfect ice cream maker? This where we come in. We have scoured various online retailers and read through hundreds and hundreds of reviews to find the models that owners love the most, so you don’t have to. What better source to learn how well a product performs than from those who have already purchased it and have used it on a regular basis. We tried to find the best ice cream makers as rated by owners. Below is our list of the top 10 ice cream machines that you can buy for your own home in 2017.

#1 – Cuisinart ICE-21 Automatic Ice Cream Maker – Check Price

small-ice21Perhaps the best ice cream maker on the market, this Cuisinart ice cream maker is one of the most popular and highest rated models that we have come across. Owners just love what this machine can do and are extremely satisfied with the overall value that it provides them. With a powerful electric motor, this 1.5 quart model can make frozen treats in about 20 minutes. Designed to be easy to use and easy to clean, the ICE-21 takes all of the work out of making great ice cream.


#2 – Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence – Check Price

small-icebc30Cuisinart produces some of the best ice cream machines that you can buy, and this one is no exception. With a brushed stainless steel outer housing, 2 quart capacity, large spout for adding ingredients and a robust electric motor, the ICE-30BC delivers a consistent product that users just love. This fully automatic model can also make frozen yogurt and sorbet with ease. It also comes with a transparent lid so that you can watch your ice cream being made in front of you. This best seller continues to receive high praise from customers and gets very high marks.



#3 – Cuisinart ICE-100 Compressor Ice Cream Maker – Check Price

small-ice100This fully automatic Cuisinart ice cream maker comes with a professional grade compressor which enables you to make multiple batches of ice cream without waiting. It features touchpad controls and LCD display and it comes with a dedicated gelato mixing paddle as well as one designed for ice cream. It also has a transparent lid and the ability to add last minute ingredients without disrupting the freezing cycle. This is a commercial grade appliance with a 1.5 quart capacity that is perfect for home use.



#4 – Breville BCI600XL Smart Scoop Ice Cream Maker – Check Price

small-brev2Breville is known world wide for making some of the best quality small kitchen appliances and this Breville ice cream maker is another example of that. This machine is quite the workhorse and delivers a commercial grade experience for making ice cream in your home. Features 12 hardness settings, the ability to make ice cream, sorbet, gelato or frozen yogurt, automatic or manual modes and its own refrigerating compressor for making batch after batch without waiting. For serious ice cream addicts, this definitely worth consideration.



#5 – Lello 4080 Musso Lussino 1.5-Quart – Check Price

small-lelloFor those who take their ice cream very seriously and want one of the very best units for the home, then this is the model for you. This is a commercial grade ice cream machine with a smaller capacity for home users. Two button simple operation, stainless steel parts and design and it can make up to 3 quarts of ice cream per hour. Capable of making ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen drinks, sorbet as well as gelato. This professional machine also comes with a professional price tag as it is the most expensive ice cream maker on our list.



#6 – White Mountain 4-Quart Appalachian Series – Check Price

small-whitemtIt may look old fashioned, but this model packs some serious modern ice cream making technology beneath the wooden bucket exterior. This White Mountain ice cream maker comes with a commercial grade 12,000 RPM electric motor to power its twin blade, triple motion design to churn out some of the best tasting ice cream. Behind its New England pine outer bucket shell lies a stainless steel canister capable of holding up to 4 quarts of frozen goodness. This unit is not only a real eye catcher, but it is also a great performer that owners really seem to love.



#7 – Nostalgia Electrics 4-Quart Electric Ice Cream Maker – Check Price

small-nosblueWith its retro design, this Nostalgia Electrics model is a real head turner that would be a great addition to any kitchen. This is also one of the more budget friendly ice cream makers on our list and owners give it very nice ratings for its overall value. It comes with a 4 quart aluminum canister, plastic bucket and churning paddle and an electric motor that turns out an very good finished product. Very easy to use and clean.


#8 – Donvier 1 Quart Ice Cream Machine – Check Price

small-donvThis model is the only non-automatic ice cream maker that does not require ice or salt to operate. Despite having to churn it by hand every few minutes, owners have found this model easy to use and the ice cream that it turns out is great. Users also like the fact that it offers some mobility and you are not tied to an electrical outlet on the wall. This unit is also has the ability to make frozen drinks, frozen yogurt and sorbet. For those that want a more hands on approach and don’t want to deal with salt or ice, then this is a great option.



#9 – Hamilton Beach 68330R 4-Quart Ice Cream Maker – Check Price

small-hbeachAnother budget friendly model that can handle making ice cream, sherbert, gelato and frozen yogurt at an affordable price point. This maker is fully automatic, simple to clean and use and it can make up to 4 quarts of ice cream in only 20 to 40 minutes. Owners really appreciate all this model has to offer at such an affordable price. Great starter machine if you are interested in trying out making ice cream at home.




#10 – Nostalgia Electrics 4-Quart Wooden Bucket – Check Price

small-noswoodAnother throwback wooden bucket design to make our list, this Nostalgia Electrics version has received some decent reviews from owners. Simple to use and clean, this is a great option for those that want a quick and easy method for making home made ice cream. Aluminum canister and plastic paddle can both be placed in the dishwasher. Modern technology with an old style look. This unit can make ice cream, frozen yogurt as well as gelato, up to 4 quarts.

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Ice Cream Machines On Our List

As you can see, a lot of folks have found that a Cuisinart ice cream maker is the perfect fit for their kitchen. They are some of the best selling as well as best customer rated home ice cream machines available. We have also tried to find some other models that may suit those looking for something more robust or have slightly different needs from an ice cream making unit. Hopefully there is something for everyone.

So Which Ice Cream Maker is Best?

best-ice-cream-maker-reviewsUnfortunately, there is not one correct answer for this. The best ice cream maker will ultimately come down to a personal choice based on your wants and needs. Before making a purchase it can be beneficial to know exactly what you hope to get out of your new home ice cream machine and which factors are most important to you. Some important questions to consider ahead of time may include:

What is my budget for a new ice cream machine? How much do I really want to spend?
How many people will I be making desserts for? How big of a maker do I really need?
Do I want to also make frozen yogurt?
Do I want an ice cream maker that is also capable of making sorbet?
Do I want a soft serve ice cream machine?
How important is it that the unit be easy to clean?

Answering some of these questions as you are reading over our ice cream maker reviews may aid in your decision and enable you to zero in on a particular machine that fits all of your needs. Making homemade frozen treats can put a smile on a lot of faces, and having the right machine can really make a world of difference.

The Joy of Experimentation

One of the beauties of owning your own machine is that it is fun to try out different flavor and ingredient combinations. Trying out different fruits and exotic extracts can be something that the entire family can enjoy. You can also make your ice cream as healthy as you want since you control all the ingredients. Check out the video below for just a taste of what you will be able to do with your very own ice cream maker.