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About us

About us

Here at Gourmet Raw, we think food is really special. It can lift your mood, boost your energy and improve your health. But our busy lifestyles mean we often compromise what we eat – often not even knowing what we’re putting in our bodies. We hope Gourmet Raw can help change that by making great, nutritious food easier to eat.

We set out on a journey to find the best and most-fantastic-for-you foods, working our way through every ‘health-food’ out there. We found some good things, and some bad. But nothing quite hit the mark – all we wanted was healthy, natural food with ingredients we understood.

We started to notice that the most natural foods were the smartest ones. So instead of cooking, we tried eating plant-based foods raw and couldn’t believe how brilliant and energetic they made us feel. Working through different recipes challenged us to make this healthy food really tasty, and the feedback from our friends and family just got better and better. Then one day, we had a phone call from a lovely lady called Louise asking to buy a whole batch. That’s when we realised we’d found what we’d been looking for. Healthy, delicious raw food - made by nature. So it was out of our home kitchens, goodbye to our old jobs and off to set up Gourmet Raw.

So that’s how we discovered raw, vegan food. And though it all sounds rather serious, it’s really simple. Raw just means we don’t heat any food above 40.5°C so the living enzymes, nutrients and minerals stay in the best condition. And all that means is, you’ll be getting all the goodness that nature intended.

It’s not all about being healthy though. We care about the impact our products have on the environment as well. So we work closely with like-minded, friendly suppliers who look after their workers and the planet too. All our packaging is as minimal as possible, and uses as much recycled material as we can.

So all in all, we just want you to enjoy knowing you’re eating something great and feel the benefits of the ingredients. You can find out more interesting bits and bobs in the ‘Raw Food’ section.

Still have an unanswered question or want to know a little more? We love to chat, so why not get in touch.