The Huge Upside Of Owning Your Own Ice Cream Maker

ice cream maker advantages

While there is nothing worse than being stuck on a hot muggy day with a bunch of kids that just want to complain about everything, there is a simple way to simmer them down. Making your own homemade ice cream is a great way to keep them occupied while saving some pennies in the process. While you do not need your own machine to make your ice frozen desserts, it sure does help. To get the most out of the experience with the least amount of work we suggest buying one of these affordable small appliances to use in the kitchen.

Looking through ice cream maker reviews it is plain to see that the top rated machines are rather budget friendly. Another great thing about getting your own machine is that most of them are able to make things other than ice cream such as gelato, sorbet, and smoothies. You could literally have a different treat every day of the week for a year and not have the same thing twice.

If you are looking for a new home ice cream machine there are three basic types of automatic makers that you can buy. First there is the old fashioned kind that requires you to use ice and salt on the outside of the mixing bowl. As the bowl turns these two ingredients help slow down the freezing process so that the perfect ice crystals or formed to make tasty ice cream. These tend to be the least expensive models.

Second, there are models that forgo the ice and the salt and have you freeze the bowl for a few hours to get the bowl down to the proper temperature. These are the most popular since they are less messy to use and are very affordable.

Lastly, there is the kind that comes with its own compressor which is used to apply the cold temperature to the bowl directly. You do not have to freeze it before using. This is considered the best ice cream maker to satisfy cravings instantly since you can make ice cream whenever you feel like it. This added component also makes the machine drastically more expensive. Whichever kind that you choose, having the ability to make your own delicious treats in your own kitchen is well worth it.

The Recipes Never End

If you love to experiment with different flavors or you like to try different types of desserts, then getting one of these machines can be a lot of fun. There really is no limit on what you can create. Below are just a couple of quick recipes that you can try.

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream


8 oz. cream cheese
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup sugar
1 1/2 Tablespoons lemon juice
3/4 cup half and half
1 1/2 cups pureed strawberries


Blend all of these ingredients until smooth. Use a blender or a food processor for this. Chill the ingredients for about an hour. Pour mixture into an ice cream maker. Set the timer according to your ice cream makers directions but approximately thirty minutes.

If you have allergies to lactose or dairy products then try making this recipe instead. It is a light refreshing sorbet made with tropical fruits.

Pineapple, Mango and Peach Sorbet


2 1/2 cups peach pieces, diced
1 1/2 cups mango, diced
1/3 cup lime juice
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup crushed pineapple, drained


Mix together two cups of the diced peaches, the mango also diced, the lime juice, and the sugar in a food processor or blender. Blend until its smooth. Pour into a bowl and stir in the remainder of the diced peaches and the crushed pineapple. Then pour this mixture into the ice cream maker. Set it for thirty minutes and check to see if its thickened. Spoon into plastic containers for the freezer to firm up.

If you are a sorbet addict like we are, then you might be interest in some other tasty sorbet recipes to try in your ice cream maker. There are a number of machines available that are able to make more than just ice cream, and sorbet is often something that a lot of the top models can handle.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Buying an Ice Cream Maker?

While no machine is going to be perfect for everyone, there are a few things to keep in mind before making getting one of these for your family. First, the consistency of the ice cream is going to be on the softer side. If you like yours to be a little bit firmer you will have to put it in the freezer for an hour are so to let it harden. While this is not ideal for those with intense cravings, the extra time will be worth it.

Also if you choose to go for a more affordable model, you will have to freeze the bowl before using. The best way to avoid getting stuck having to wait for the bowl to freeze whenever you get the urge to make something is to make some room for it in your freezer and just keep it in there full time. That way when you decided to make something tasty, the bowl will be ready for you to start mixing. If this is not an appealing option you can always get an ice cream maker that has its own compressor, however these machines come with a heftier price tag. Its the price you have to pay for the ultimate convenience.

Other than that, there is really no huge downside that should deter you from at least trying this out in your home. Kids absolutely love helping out, especially when they get to taste the final product. For a fun and indulgent family activity, there is perhaps nothing better than making ice cream on a hot summer day.

Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence

The Cuisinart ICE-30BC is another high-quality ice cream maker produced by Cuisinart, featuring not only a mixing arm, a double-insulated freezer bowl and a lockable lid, but also the company’s proprietary ingredient spout, which will enable you to successfully add ingredients like nuts and chips to the mix without interrupting the freezing process. With a modern brushed stainless steel design, this 2 quart unit not only performs well but it looks good doing it. This is a simple machine that the whole family can truly enjoy.

With a heavy-duty motor that is strong enough for handling several types of frozen desserts ranging from ice cream to frozen yogurt, sherbet and sorbet, this Cuisinart model is a versatile and easy to use machine that is sure to deliver a top quality frozen treat. Owners give this ice cream maker high praise and continually give it high marks and recommendation rates.

Product Features

main._V187886315_Mixing Arm: As with most Cuisinart ice cream makers, the ICE-30BC features a mixing arm that will continually mix and aerate the ingredients to achieve a firm consistency and avoid the formation of ice crystals. Due to the powerful motor of this unit, the mixing paddle will continually rotate, allowing the mixture to gradually freeze as it comes into contact with the freezer bowl. Whether you want to make ice cream, frozen yogurt or frozen smoothies, this model is capable of “pure indulgence”.

Double-Insulated 2-Quart Freezer Bowl: The freezer bowl of the Cuisinart ICE-30BC has a double-insulated wall that contains cooling liquid which needs to be frozen before use. The bowl contains double walls to help ensure longer lasting and even freezing while making ice cream. The bowl should be placed in the freezer several hours before using and it needs to be completely frozen. This can be judged by shaking the bowl after removing it from the freezer. If you can hear or feel any liquid moving then it needs more time in the freezer.

Ingredient Spout: This unit comes with an ingredient spout that will enable you to add ingredients, such as nuts and chips, without interrupting the freezing process.

Heavy-Duty Motor: This ice cream machine is powered by a heavy-duty motor that has been specifically implemented to handle a variety of different types of desserts. Encased in a stainless steel housing, this unit was built to last and run batch after batch reliably.

What Owners Like About the Cuisinart ICE-30BC

Cuisinart seems to have made a line of ice cream makers that owners are extremely happy with, and this unit is no exception. It is one of the better selling ice cream makers on our list that also has an impressive number of positive customer ratings. Some of the aspects of this machine that users constantly praise include:

Perfect Consistency: One of the primary aspects buyers loved about the Cuisinart ICE-30BC is the excellent consistency of the ice cream that is produced. Owners really like how the finished product is not too hard or too soft and it makes it the same way time after time with little variation.

Easy to Operate: Users also like how easy this model is to operate. Its fully automatic functionality delivers a simple way to make great tasting frozen treats in your own home.

Little Cleanup: Another important benefit of choosing this Cuisinart ice cream machine is how easy it is to clean. Even after making several batches of ice cream, the freezer bowl and mixing paddle will be very easy to wipe off, whether in the dishwasher or by hand.

Fast Freezing: Lastly, most buyers were very pleased with the timeliness of the Cuisinart ICE-30BC, which enabled them to have perfect homemade ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt in under 20 minutes. This is another aspect of this ice cream maker that users really appreciate. Making dessert is quick and simple.

What Could Be Better?

Harder Ice Cream: Some users were disappointed in the softness of the ice cream that this machine made. For a harder consistency they suggest that you put it in the freezer for a little while to let it firm up.

Pre-Frozen Bowl: One of the drawbacks of using this kind of ice cream machines is the bowl needs to be frozen before using. This can take several hours and the freezer needs to be at least 0 degrees Fahrenheit . Some users find it more convenient to just keep the bowl in the freezer all of the time so it will be ready whenever they get the urge to make some ice cream.

Bottom Line

The Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence offers users an effortless and automatic way to make delicious desserts. Those who have purchased this unit consistently give it very high marks and it receives scores in the mid to high 4’s out of 5 stars. This model is a worthy candidate for anyone looking for a modern and dependable ice cream maker for their home.


White Mountain Appalachian Series Wooden Bucket

With its unique old style looks and its modern ice cream making capabilities, this machine from White Mountain is a wonderful addition to anyone’s kitchen. Featuring a capacitive, 4-quart ice cream canister, as well as a powerful 12,000 RMP universal electric motor that is strong enough for making any dessert for one person or the entire family.

Its features as well as its styling has garnered this particular ice cream maker with some nice feedback from customers. If you are looking for something that is eye catching as well as functional that is a hit with adults and kids alike, then this ice cream maker may be just what you are looking for.

Product Features

wm_electric_flavors12,000-RPM Motor: This unit is equipped with a powerful electric motor that provides consistent motion during the entire ice cream making process. As such, your mixture is going to be properly mixed and aerated while being frozen at the same time, which will prevent the formation of ice crystals, ensuring that your ice cream will have the desired texture and consistency. Moreover, the motor is powerful enough to handle several types of frozen dessert other than ice cream, including frozen yogurt, sherbet, sorbet and other drinks.

Triple-Action Motion: This White Mountain model features a patented triple-action dasher that is manufactured from heavy-duty cast iron, and electroplated to prolong its durability. Since the beech wood blades are self-adjusting, the machine will provide uniform scrapping of the ice cream on the canister’s interior sidewall, aerating it adequately to avoid ice crystals and achieve a creamy consistency.

Stainless Steel Canister: This maker comes with a stainless steel canister that is easy to use and clean. Due to its taller design, the canister will come into close contact with the rock salt and ice, fastening the freezing process substantially. Furthermore, the stainless steel will keep the temperature of the container even, permitting you to obtain the best texture each and every time.

Wood Bucket Design: Made from New England pine, the dark wood stained bucket of this White Mountain unit is bound with electroplated fittings and galvanized hoops to ensure a better resistance. With the appealing White Mountain logo on the front, this model will really stand out in just about any kitchen.

What Owners Like About the White Mountain PBWMIME412-SHP?

wm_electric_ice_250Fast Operation: According to many owners, this machine can make ice cream much faster as compared to other models on the market. Due to its powerful, 12,000-RPM motor, you can expect your frozen dessert to be done in about 20-25 minutes at most, so you can make several batches in one hour even with very little planning.

Great Consistency: If the consistency of your ice cream matters a lot to you, then you will find this machine to be a dream. This maker delivers a finished product that is not too soft and not too hard. If you want the ice cream to be firmer, you can either leave this unit to work more, or simply put the bowl in the freezer after 20 minutes. Owners really like how well ice cream turns in the end.

Easy to Use: This ice cream machine is extremely easy to use as you will notice right out of the box, requiring you only a few minutes for the assembly process. To turn it on or off, simply plug or unplug the machine in/from a socket. Along with the metal handle grip, this wooden bucket-style ice cream maker will be very easy to carry around, allowing you to put it anywhere in your home.

Durable Construction: Most buyers who have tried this ice cream machine were very happy with its quality construction, which is due to the New England pine wood and the strong galvanized hoops that bind it. No matter how much of your frozen dessert you want to make this unit should last.

What Could Be Better?

Bothersome Noise: Though the White Mountain works seamlessly, one of the biggest complaints you will have about it is the bothersome noise it makes. If you are not used to this kind of noise, or if you simply cannot bear it, you might want to look elsewhere for your dream ice cream machine.

Leakage: A couple of customers have reported this particular model to have leaked and left a salty water mess.

Bottom Line

The White Mountain Appalachian Series wood bucket design is a real eye catcher that appeals to simpler times where home made ice cream was a real luxury. It also makes a pretty decent bowl of ice cream. Owners tend to really appreciate its design and this model has received some very good reviews from owners and scores in the low to mid 4’s out of 5 stars. The video below features the 6 quart version of this ice cream maker. The 4 quart has the same features and works in the exact same way.

Donvier 837409W 1-Quart Ice Cream Maker

The Donvier One Quart ice cream maker is a great choice for those looking for something ultra-simplistic, lightweight and mobile to make frozen desserts. This model is a non-electric maker so that you are not tied down by the need for electricity. It makes it perfect for camping or picnics where electrical outlets unavailable. This unit instead relies on being manually churned with a hand crank every few minutes. The results in delicious ice cream, sorbet, frozen drinks or frozen yogurt.

This unit also does not require the use of salt or ice, instead it comes with a bowl that needs to be frozen before operating. Despite having to churn every so often by hand, this unit has received some very nice reviews and ratings from owners. If getting an ice cream maker that isn’t tethered to an outlet is appealing, then this unit is worthy of consideration.

Product Features

Double-Walled Freezer Bowl: As with most ice cream machines of its kind, the Donvier 837409W features a freezer bowl with a double-insulated walls containing liquid. To get optimal results, the bowl needs to be pre-chilled at least 7 hours before using the unit, to ensure that your ice cream will freeze faster. It is made of aluminum and is quick to chill and easy to clean.

Handle-Rotating Modus Operandi: This Donvier unit does not work using electricity, which constitutes a great benefit if you want to score big savings on monthly bills, but still enjoy delicious ice cream. To make this machine work, simply assemble it as instructed in the user manual, then start turning the crank for about 15 or 20 minutes. This will give you complete control over the speed of the freezing process, so you can always stop once you achieve the desired consistency.

Ergonomic Design: This ice cream maker will give you an extremely ergonomic experience due to its convenient dimensions of 9 1/2 x 8 inches. Weighing at only 6.5 pounds, this unit is lightweight making it easy to use and store.

Patented Chillfast Cylinder: To make your ice cream making experience more efficient and enjoyable, Donvier has specifically integrated a patented Chillfast cylinder inside the double wall of the freezer bowl. This will add extra insulation to the aluminum container, hastening the freezing process.

What Owners Like About the Donvier 837409W?

Complete Control: The Donvier 837409W will give you complete control over how the ice cream – or any other frozen dessert – is being made. Since you will be the one turning the crank, you can decide how fast you want to go, and you will also be able to stop once your treat achieves the desired consistency. Unlike electric models, this unit will be more convenient and definitely more enjoyable, since children can also help with the making process.

No Electricity: This particular ice cream maker does not work using electricity, but a crank you need to turn occasionally for 15 or 20 minutes. As such, you will never have to be concerned about potentially burning the motor, spending more on electricity bills, or having to take safety precautions when your kids are around.

Quick Operation: Though the 837409W ice cream maker does not use electricity, you can still expect the operation process to be very quick, as you can finish one batch of ice cream in less than 30 minutes.

Value: This unit comes in at a low to mid range price point, and for all that it can do it provides excellent value for a small kitchen appliance. For the most part, owners are very happy with what they get for the price.

What Could Be Better?

Durability: Some users voiced concerns that the crank is extremely easy to pop off, which might give you a very hard time during the freezing process. They wish that this part of the maker was made a little more sturdy.

More Effort Required: Since this Donvier machine does not use electricity, you will have to sit there and turn the crank occasionally. As such, the process is going to be completely manual, and you will need to put more effort to achieve the desired consistency and texture.

Bottom Line

This Donvier manual 1 quart ice cream maker offers a different ice cream making experience than the other models on our list. It requires manual cranking to operation, which for some may not be ideal. But for those who like to eat outdoors, on the road or go camping, this may be a perfect addition to their outdoor gear. The bowl does need to frozen to operate, but this model does offer a degree of mobility not seen in other units. Owners have rated this model rather well as it receives marks from customers in the low to mid 4’s out of 5 stars.


Hamilton Beach 68330R Ice Cream Maker

Hamilton Beach small kitchen appliances have long been favorites for homemade ice cream lovers, especially due to their wide array of features, convenience, and affordablity With a fully-capacitive aluminum canister of 4 quarts and a sturdy plastic bucket, the Hamilton Beach 68330R is one of the few machines on the market that can help you achieve the desired consistency with every frozen dessert that you wish to make. Along with an easy-to-lock lid, this item implements the old-fashioned way of making ice cream, featuring a vintage design that will make it stand out.

For casual ice cream fans or those who just don’t want to spend a lot for an ice cream maker, this Hamilton Beach model is a wonderful option. Customers who have purchased this machine tend to be satisfied with their results and the overall value that this unit offers them.

Product Features

4-Quart Capacity: Though it features an old-fashioned design, the Hamilton Beach 68330R is incomparable to more modern units when it comes to its ice cream making capacity. The machine can make up to 4 quarts at a time, which is enough for serving your entire family, and beyond that. Considering that other models can barely make up to 2 quarts of ice cream, sorbet or other frozen dessert, the Hamilton Beach 68330R is certainly going to be versatile for any situation you might have to deal with.

Easy-Lock Lid: As with most bucket-based ice cream machines out there, this Hamilton Beach unit has an easy-lock lid that can be attached to the aluminum canister where your ingredients will be added. Aside from protecting the mixture from coming into contact with the ice cubes and rock salt, the lid constitutes a valuable safety precaution that can prevent undesirable accidents from taking place. Provided that this piece is made from plastic, you will only have to fit it into place, which will take no longer than a few seconds.

Heavy-Duty Motor: Despite its appearance, the Hamilton Beach 68330R has a heavy-duty motor that will enable you to make several batches of ice cream consecutively, handling other types of frozen desserts as well. Whether we talk about gelato, frozen yogurt, sherbet, sorbet or frozen drinks, the motor of this ice cream machine will churner the ingredients until they achieve the desired consistency, at which point you can power it off.

Ergonomic Design: Dimensioned at 12 x 12 x 13-1/2 inches, this Hamilton Beach model has an ergonomic design that makes it very fitted for any kitchen, requiring very little space on your countertop when in use. However, the unit can be disassembled when you are not making any ice cream or other treat, which means that you can reduce the amount of space needed for storing it significantly.

What Owners Like About the Hamilton Beach 68330R?

The Hamilton Beach 68330R has been reviewed by over 550 customers, averaging a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. While most buyers were pleased with the usability of this ice cream machine, others appreciated its versatility for making several types of frozen desserts in larger quantities.

Perfect Consistency and Texture: In the first place, most customers were extremely pleased with the consistency and texture of their ice cream after using the Hamilton Beach 68330R. Firmer than soft-serve, but not as firm as store-bought products, your frozen desserts will be ideal for immediate consumption, yet they can be put in the freezer if you want to achieve a firmer consistency.

Automatic Shutoff: One of the aspects you will love about your Hamilton Beach ice cream machine is the automatic shutoff it comes with. As such, the unit will automatically be powered off once your ice cream is ready, therefore helping you save on energy bills and prevent ruining the custard due to excessive freezing. Moreover, you will not have to stop the unit and restart it if your frozen treat is not ready yet, which can save you time and effort as well.

Great Usability: Due to its simple design, the Hamilton Beach 68330R is very easy to use, making the preparation process a breeze. To power it on or off, you will have to plug or unplug the cord into/from a nearby outlet. The assembly is going to be extremely simple and intuitive, requiring you to fit each part as instructed by the user manual.

4 Quarts at a Time: As stated above, the ice cream making capacity of this model is 4 quarts at a time, allowing you to prepare delicious frozen treats for your entire family without spending unnecessary time or resources. If you need to make more ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet, sorbet, gelato or frozen drinks for other guests, you can successfully get 2-3 batches done in under two hours.

What Could Be Better?

Durability: Despite its convenience, ergonomic design and delicious ice cream it makes, many customers have reported the Hamilton Beach 68330R to break after a few uses.  Some users wished that it had been built a little better.

Unbearable Noise: This model from Hamilton Beach will make bothersome noises when in use, which will negatively impact your experience for sure. If this aspect matters to you, then you might want to consider trying out another ice cream maker.

Bottom Line

If you want to get your feet wet with making ice cream at home and don’t want to break the bank doing so, then the Hamilton Beach 68330R may be the perfect choice. This is one of the least expensive models on our list and owners who have used seem to satisfied with how well this unit works. Customer scores range from the low to mid 4’s out of 5 stars.